The primitive message of Friends (W Penn)

William Penn, on the “primitive Message” of Friends:

That God is Light and in Him is no Darkness at all; and that he has sent His Son a Light into the World, to Enlighten all Men in order to Salvation and that they that say they have Fellowship with God, and are his Children and People, and yet walk in Darkness, viz. in Disobedience to the light in their Consciences, and after the Vanity of this World, they Lie, and do not the Truth. But they all such as love the Light, and bring their Deeds to it, and walk in the Light, as God is Light, the Blood of Jesus Christ His Son, should cleanse them from all Sin.

From “Rise and Progress of the People called Quakers,” p. 42 of my edition). I share this in part because Brent Bill’s been asking about the message of Friends. It was interesting to read Penn’s answer at breakfast this morning! It’s well worth unpacking the grammar of the long clauses!