As I’ve used G+ more the last week, I’ve realized the service that feels…

As I've used G+ more the last week, I've realized the service that feels the most redundant is my Tumblr account (on the custom domain I started the Tumblr because I wanted something more "mine" than Facebook, a place where my photos and links would live independently. But how silly--Tumblr is just a hosted service that I ultimately have no control over.

So what's different with G+ and Facebook? I think it's the sense that Google will archive things. It feels like everything disappears after it ages off of the FB feed. #blog

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  • Agreed about dis­ap­pear­ing on FB. It was my under­stand­ing a month ago or so that FB was “about” to roll out an archival fea­ture that you would have one week to scrub, and then you would not be able to change stuff, for the most part. It was being beta test­ed by tech blog­gers, one of whom gushed about it over­much. Haven’t heard much about it since.

  • Yes, I remem­ber, it includ­ed the make-over the pro­file page to be photo-friendly. There was all this talk about mak­ing it a mini-bio of your life, etc.