Ask me anything!

Do you have a ques­tion for me about Quak­ers, non­vi­o­lence or indie media? Ask me about any of these top­ics and maybe I’ll answer in a blog post.

  • Quak­er beliefs and prac­tices, past and present
  • Non­vi­o­lence and social change strat­e­gy and move­ments
  • Alter­na­tive media and out­reach?

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5 thoughts on “Ask me anything!

  1. I would like to join quak­erquak­er, but I have not face­book, twit­ter or yahoo. I have been con­sid­ered an iso­lat­ed Friend and have attend­ed Still­wa­ter meet­ing.
    My ques­tion: Is there a way to join with­out face­book, twit­ter or yahoo? I don’t use most medias except for my emails. Sor­ry for both­er­ing you, but If not, then I will polite­ly leave you alone. Thanks, Ray Drap­er

    1. Hi Ray: yes, I’m afraid you do need to have a social iden­ti­ty else­where. I had to do that to cut back on the num­ber of fake accounts from spam­mers.

      1. Thank you for get­ting back with me. I real­ly don’t want those accounts, so for now I will pass on it. I will con­sid­er and may do so in the future, but for now, thanks again.

  2. I’ve read a lit­tle and watched var­i­ous videos about the Friends. My ques­tions are , is there a gulf between “con­ser­v­a­tive ” friends and lib­er­al? As well as what defines the two gen­er­al­ly? I’m in Mary­land near D.C. Do Wuak­ers who define them­selves as essen­tial­ly Chris­t­ian wor­ship with those who don’t iden­ti­fy as such?

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