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As the blog name implies, I am a mem­ber of the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends, known col­lo­qui­al­ly as Quak­ers. Many of my blog posts deal with issues of our soci­ety and its inter­ac­tions with the larg­er world. I gen­er­al­ly only include my own posts in this list.

From 1995 – 2008 I was the pub­lish­er of Non​vi​o​lence​.org, a ground-breaking por­tal and blog about peace. Many of the­se arti­cles are archived from that period.

Media & Tech
Some­times I feel like I’ve been rein­vent­ing the wheel since I start­ed my first zine back in col­lege. Here’s some high­lights from this category:

Thoughts on design in gen­er­al and my free­lance work as as Mar​tinKel​ley​.com in particular.

Per­son­al posts about the fam­i­ly – wife Julie and kids Theo, Fran­cis, Gre­go­ry and Laura.

A gen­er­al top­ic for time­ly posts.

South Jersey/Philly
Local field trips, etc.

More gener­ic reli­gious writing.

Most­ly art­sy iPhone photography.