I’m hap­py for you. Do you want any of mine? In south­ern Wisconsin
    this year we are now set­ting records with every snow­fall and it seems
    that we are get­ting snow two or three times a week.
    Oh boy this is fun.

  • Mar­tin Kelley

    Well yea I guess it’s a mat­ter of rel­a­tiv­i­ty. I don’t need a lot of snow but a few good snow­falls a year would be nice and a good “shut the state down” kind of snow every few years. This is the first sub­stan­tive one we’ve had, the first pack­ing snow we’ve had and it was only two inch­es max. So yes, put me up for that snow swap. We’ll take anoth­er six inch­es from your sup­ply, US Postal or UPS though you prob­a­bly want to have expe­dit­ed service!