Independent Net Publishing Gets Easy Again

An update on my post about “online mag­a­zines and the new Mov­able­type charges”:… The folks at MT have “lis­tened to all the feed­back and imple­ment­ed new policies” which are much more sen­si­tive to the needs (and resources) of small non­prof­it and com­mu­ni­ty groups. It’s real­ly good news for all the inde­pen­dent pub­lish­ing hap­pen­ing via blogs. Look for my “pow­ered by” sym­bol to change to the new 3.0 ver­sion as soon as I install it.

  • Well, I’ve installed the new sys­tem, though there are some minor prob­lems here and there. Let me know if things do or don’t work. The way com­ments work will prob­a­bly change, due in large part to the unend­ing bat­tle against com­ment spam.