It’s witness time

Hi Quak­er­Ran­ter friends: I’ve been busy today cov­er­ing the Quak­er response to the Chris­t­ian Peace­mak­ers Teams hostages. Two sites with a lot of over­lap­ping content:

  • Quak­er Blog Watch page focused on the hostages
  • “Non​vi​o​lence​.org state­ment and list of responses

Both of these fea­ture a mix of main­stream news and Quak­er views on the sit­u­a­tion. I’ll keep them updat­ed. I’m not the only busy Friend: Chuck Fager and John Stephens have a site called Free the Cap­tives — check it out.

It’s always inter­est­ing to see the moments that I explict­ly iden­ti­fy as a Friend on Non​vi​o​lence​.org. As I saythere, it seems quite appro­pri­ate. We need to explain to the world why a Quak­er and three oth­er Chris­tians would need­less­ly put them­selves in such dan­ger. This is wit­ness time, Friends. The real deal. We’re all being test­ed. This is one of those times for which those end­less com­mit­tee meet­ings and boil­er­plate peace state­ments have pre­pared us.

It’s time to tell the world that we live in the pow­er that “takes away the occa­sion for war and over­comes our fear of death” (well, or at least mutes it enough that four brave souls would trav­el to dan­ger­ous lands to wit­ness our faith).

  • Hi Folks… for Friends and friends in the NYC niegh­bor­hood, 15th st. Meet­ings M&W has pro­posed prayers at 7 am and 7 pm each day. We are hold­ing a vig­il at 7 pm on the evening of the 7th in the front plaza ( not the right word, but I am blank­ing on the word, it is not a gar­den… ) of the meet­ing house. I believe it is planed to be a can­dle light vig­il so bring can­dles just in case.

  • (court yard…) I must be get­ting old.

  • Bob Hen­der­son

    As Clerk of Tal­la­has­see Month­ly Meet­ing I can report to you that pow­er­ful prayers for those abduct­ed con­tin­ue and that they will on a sched­uled basis. We have one mem­ber who has been to Iraq as a mem­ber of a CPT. Peace be with you.
    Bob Hen­der­son, Clerk
    Tal­la­has­see (FL) Month­ly Meeting

  • Hi Bob: yes, it’s been inspir­ing to hear of all the vig­ils that have been tak­ing place. There sure­ly is a lot of prayer head­ing toward Iraq!

  • Hi Mar­tin, I found a provoca­tive piece on the CPT I thought you might add to the feed:
    I sent it to you via deli­cious but I wasn’t sure if you checked your “for” box often (I don’t… there should be some kind of noti­fi­ca­tion when you have new links).

  • Hi Zach: I post­ed that arti­cle when it first came out (the Elec­tron­i­cI­raq is an elec­tron­ic reprint). Yes, it’s good & provocative!