Liz (Betsy) Klein(top) aka Mom

My mom Liz just passed away tonight. It’s not unex­pect­ed. And sad­ly, giv­en her health, it’s per­haps not even so trag­ic; she’s been declin­ing for years from Alzheimer’s and all but stopped eat­ing in recent weeks. I’m sure I’ll find voice to tell some sto­ries in the months ahead, but for now I’ll share some pic­tures. She would have turned 85 next month.

A note about names: she was born in late sum­mer 1930 as Eliz­a­beth Ann Klein­top. In her adult life she went as Bet­sy and took the last names of her part­ners. In her late 60s she decid­ed to take back a vari­a­tion of her last name and overnight Bet­sy Kel­ley became Liz Klein.

  • Mary Ann Kleintop

    Dear Mar­ty,
    Please accept my sin­cere sym­pa­thy on the death of your mom. Hav­ing just lost Uncle Max in Octo­ber, I know how you must be feel­ing. I was thank­ful that the Lord took him so he wouldn’t suf­fer any­more, but I miss him so much. I tried to call your mom sev­er­al times but she didn’t know who I was any­more so I gave up! Our gen­er­a­tion is almost gone now! May God com­fort and sus­tain you.
    Love and God’s blessings,
    Aunt Mary Ann