Longer Bio


I cofound­ed a week­ly zine (“The VACUUM”) in col­lege at Vil­lano­va Uni­ver­si­ty in the late 1980s and in some ways I’ve just kept rein­vent­ing that wheel ever since. My career for­mal­ly began in 1990 as a book design­er and acqui­si­tions edi­tor at the collectively-run New Soci­ety Pub­lish­ers, pro­duc­er of books for non­vi­o­lent social change. When it hit the finan­cial wall in 1995, I jumped online and start­ed Non​vi​o​lence​.org with the quaint-sounding tagline “Web type­set­ting for the move­ment by the move­ment.” It gen­er­at­ed media excite­ment, brought togeth­er a com­mu­ni­ty of activists, and helped pio­neered some online jour­nal­is­tic forms, but poten­tial fun­ders didn’t know what to make of it.

I’ve been blog­ging since 1997. The ear­li­est mate­r­i­al was writ­ten for Non​vi​o​lence​.org. Over time, the writ­ing became more per­son­al and spir­i­tu­al and I wrote as the “Quak­er Ranter.” Much of my more recent blog­ging is cura­to­r­i­al — inter­est­ing links shared — with more orig­i­nal, long form writ­ing hap­pen­ing as it will a few times a month.

In 1998 I joined the staff of Friends Gen­er­al Con­fer­ence, serv­ing for eight years as book­store clerk, web­site devel­op­er, and out­reach coör­di­na­tor. In 2003 I start­ed Quak​erQuak​er​.org as a com­pendi­um of inter­est­ing links on my blog’s side­bar. In 2005 my meet­ing min­ut­ed its sup­port of my work and I was award­ed recog­ni­tion and a small grant from the Clarence and Lil­ly Pick­ett Endow­ment to turn it into a new volunteer-powered mag­a­zine, which I dubbed Quak­erQuak­er. A lot of the ear­ly coa­lesc­ing of what’s come to be called the Con­ver­gent Friends move­ment took place on this site. I’m a “con­vinced” Friend, walk­ing into my first meet­ing house at age twen­ty and have been a mem­ber of Atlantic City Area Friends Meet­ing since 2002.

in 2006 I start­ed a web design busi­ness, work­ing with a mix of small busi­ness­es, jour­nal­ists, and Quak­er non­prof­its before tak­ing on the senior edi­tor role at Friends Jour­nal in 2011 (if you’re inter­est­ed in writ­ing for us, please check out our Edi­to­r­i­al Guide­lines).

I grew up in north­ern Philadel­phia neigh­bor­hoods and adja­cent Chel­tenham Town­ship and moved to West Philly as soon as I got out of col­lege. To mutu­al sur­prise I start­ed dat­ing an South Jer­sey native (and she a Philadel­phi­an?!), whose wiles led me across the wide expans­es of the Delaware Riv­er into the ter­ra incog­ni­ta of deep South Jer­sey. I now live a kind of charmed exile in a small town with my wife and four kids, Theo, Fran­cis, Gre­go­ry and Lau­ra and spend a lot of time explor­ing woods and the back sand roads of the Pine Barrens.