Michael Moore explains how deal with Lies and Lying Liars

Film­mak­er Michael Moore’s satir­ic doc­u­men­tary on gun own­er­ship in the Unit­ed States is out on video and DVD now. “Bowl­ing for Columbine” is pure Moore: he goes around the coun­try talk­ing with gun own­ers and gun vic­tims but also ties it all in with a cul­ture of mil­i­tarism and violence.
Not unpre­dictably, the pro-gun lob­bies have cam­paigned against the movie and have tried to dis­cred­it it. In the last month or so, plen­ty of blogs and even some of the cable news net­works have been full of expos­es of the filmmaker’s sup­posed deceits. “Now Moore response to his critics”:http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/wackoattacko/
If you haven’t seen “Bowl­ing for Columbine” go right out to your video store and do. Moore is one of the best satirists in the coun­try today. He com­bines humor with hor­ror and pro­duces work that is always com­pelling to watch.

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