New Pacifist Introductions

Clark Han­jian has recently writ­ten “A Paci­fist Primer”:/issues/pacifist_primer.php, a great intro­duc­tion to clas­sic paci­fism.
bq. For all of my adult life, I have been a paci­fist and asso­ci­ated with paci­fists. We are a minor­ity, largely mis­un­der­stood, and often dis­par­aged. In light of our pre­car­i­ous stand­ing, I would like to clar­ify what many of us mean when we say “I am a paci­fist.”
Newly dis­cov­ered: the “Bruder­hof Peace­mak­ers Guide”: From their descrip­tion:
bq. Any­one can be a peace­maker. The Bruder­hof Peace­mak­ers Guide was cre­ated to inspire and empower you to work for peace, and to arm you with liv­ing proof of the power of non­vi­o­lence to effect change and resolve con­flicts. Some of the peace­mak­ers fea­tured on this web­site are famous, oth­ers obscure, but all have ded­i­cated their lives to build­ing a more peace­ful and just world through non­vi­o­lent means. For each you will find a short biog­ra­phy, an orig­i­nal por­trait, and links to fur­ther read­ing.