Opening up the QuakerQuaker listings

Everyone can now add posts to the QuakerQuaker category listings. Simply bookmark the post in, list the QQ categories and it will be added to the page.
For example, say you've seen just the coolest post on Convergent Friends. Go to the "Convergent Friends": page to find the right "tag"--in this case "quaker.convergent". Bookmark the post you like, write a title and description and list "quaker.convergent" as its tag. An hour or so later the post will show up on the Convergent Friends page. How cool is that? Here are "instruction on how to use and title pages":

The QuakerQuaker homepage is still being edited exclusively by the QQ team. But I am watching the category pages and if a category post is on topic I'll probably add it to the main QQ listing. If I notice that someone is consistently finding and adding great posts I might just invite them on the team!
I'm hoping the category pages will expand and become more useful. If you have a particular concern for the Society of Friends, then please add posts to the appropriate section.
Please don't try to abuse the system--don't post to more than one or two categories at a time and don't use the description section for editorializing. I'm sure there are clever ways to use this new feature to wreak havoc. If I see someone causing trouble I might just have to end the experiment or develop a method of blocking someone. This has great potential to expand and diversify the Quaker blogosphere so let's not muck it up with silliness.
Let me know how it works! And if you appreciate independent Quaker movement organizing like this, "please donate":¤cy_code=USD&image_url= The server bill is due again, the coffers are empty and I'm still unemployed.