Frederick Douglass’s Fight Against Scientific Racism

We shouldn’t be sur­prised that there’s a Quak­er con­nec­tion: Samuel George Mor­ton was raised as a Friend and edu­cat­ed at the Quak­er West­town board­ing school. A gen­er­a­tion lat­er, Friend Hen­ry W God­dard coined the word “moron” in now-discredited pseu­do­science.

Fiery Feeds 2 review

For a medi­um that’s always declared near­ly dead (RSS), there sure are a lot of great iOS apps..

Fiery Feeds has grown into a clean­er, more ele­gant client that looks nicer on iOS 11 and the iPhone X; at the same time, Burgstaller has been able to extend Fiery Feeds’ appeal with a pow­er­ful premium-only fea­ture dubbed Smart Views.