Pete Seeger gets YouTubed

pete seeger album coverThis morning I'm working on the "Pete Seeger": section of, the website of Annie Paterson and Peter Blood (I'm their webmaster). Parts of their site are amazing--the "Quakers and Music": page has become a directory of sorts for all the many Quaker musicians out there (who knew there were so many!). But the Pete Seeger is still mostly a collection of CDs that Peter & Annie have for sale.
So I was wondering what a good Pete Seeger page might look like and starting surfing around. There's a great "fan page": which is regularly updated but has bravely decided to maintain its original design since it was founded eleven years ago. And "Wikipedia": does its usual fine job at a biography. But the "gold mine is YouTube":
A year ago a user uploaded three clips from _Rainbow Quest_, a short-lived TV program Pete put together for a low-wattage UHF station out of Newark in the mid-60s (it's now a Telemundo affiliate broadcasting recycled Mexican soaps for its prime time schedule). I don't know what kind of copyright issues there are on something like this but it's great fun to see these old clips. Making this material widely available is one of the joys of YouTube (well, that and watching "recapturing the innocence of our over-commercialized youth": I'll leave you with this, a clip of Pete singing with June Carter and Johnny "I'm soooo stoooned" Cash a few years before they married.

  • Long ago (okay only months) I found your web­site and began stop­ping back often for thoughts and insights. Thank you for this morning’s gift of Pete Seegers. Folk music is root­ed in trife, peace, and harmony.

  • Liz

    Thanks for shar­ing the link and the video, loved them!

  • claire

    Thanks so much for this clip of Pete, I saw him last evening at the high school in Bea­con, NY. He was per­form­ing along with Richie Havens and Sarah Lee Guthrie & her hus­band for the ben­e­fit of the Clear­wa­ter. 87 years old, and still joy­ful­ly play­ing and singing, it was a beau­ti­ful night and I am so hap­py I got the chance to see and hear him.

  • Thanks for shar­ing the sto­ry Claire, I’m glad to hear he’s still play­ing and singing though I hard time imag­in­ing he’ll stop till he’s in the ol’ pine box – heck even then he’ll prob­a­bly be hum­ming tunes about ol’ Joe Hill, John Hen­ry and the rest of those né’er do wells!

  • Jami Hart

    Is Pete Seeger a Quaker?

  • Mar­tin Kelley

    Hi Jami: He’s long trav­eled in Quak­er cir­cles in his per­form­ing and many Friends love him but no, he’s not one of us.