Quaker Map Hack

To the best of my knowledge this is the first Quaker Google Maps hack, showing the meetinghouses of downtown Philadelphia. Click on the thumbtacks for details; click on the satellite view for a cool view! Like much of the web it looks much better in "Firefox":http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/. Hack courtesy of the extremely experimental "MyGmaps":http://mygmaps.com, data from "Quakerfinder.org":www.Quakerfinder.org. Here's my short list of "Google Map Hacks":http://del.icio.us/martin_kelley/map.
Although I love Quakerfinder, it should be noted that Google does almost as good a job listing area "Friends Meetings" via their "local search" feature.

  • Robin M.

    Maybe you could also warn peo­ple with less than light­ning speed con­nec­tions that this will take a while to load…

  • Thanks, Mar­tin! This will be real­ly be help­ful if I get lost on my way to meet­ing this morning 🙂

  • Bar­bara Smith

    Pret­ty cool Mar­tin ! You young whipper-snapper show off you. You wait ’til those youngin’s of yourn grow up and out tech­no you ! -with noth­ing but Love, Barb