Religion in the mainstream press

They default to the same bor­ing tropes, says Amy Levin at TheRe­vealer:

Reli­gious wars, reli­gious dress, reli­gious money – these are the real and yet superbly com­plex ele­ments of our cul­tural exis­tence. Scout any crack or cranny of pop­u­lar cul­ture and you find reli­gion cre­at­ing a glo­ri­ous maze of top­ics for writ­ers to dis­cover and sift and sing to the masses.

But lately, I find that a repul­sive plague of rep­e­ti­tion and banal­ity has swept over the dis­en­chanted cyber­sphere. Each day I begin my reli­gion news search with hope­ful eager­ness, sift­ing closely through main­stream and fringe out­lets, hun­gry for signs of a new trend, move­ment, argu­ment, study – any­thing other than what I con­sumed the day before. But I search in vain, and my dol­drums have led me to take action.

(H/T to David Watt on Face­book)