Retooling after Google Reader

I must admit I’ve been thrown off my blog read­ing by the demise of Google Reader, closed July 1 with only a few months warn­ing. I remem­ber when Google’s was the newest mem­ber of the RSS read­ing options. Its sim­ple inter­face and relatively-solid per­for­mance even­tu­ally won me over and its com­peti­tors grad­u­ally stopped inno­vat­ing and finally closed. 

In the last few months other ser­vices have taken up the chal­lenge of replac­ing Reader, but it’s been a chaotic process and a gam­ble which would be rolled out in time. One of my go-to pro­grams, Reeder, now works for the phone but not the Mac app. It runs off of the Feedly ser­vice, which I now use in the browser to access my feeds. 

I rely on these blog read­ing ser­vices to keep track of over 100 blogs. RSS may not be sexy enough to be a mass-market ser­vice but for those of us whose tem­per­me­nts or hob­bies run toward cura­tion, it’s an essen­tial tool. As the new sys­tems mature, I hope to keep up with my Quak­erquaker read­ing more thor­oughly.