Sharing our Quaker event photos

Over on the pho­to shar­ing ser­vice Flickr, I’m notic­ing a bunch of pho­tos from this week’s Britain Year­ly Meet­ing ses­sion. One con­trib­u­tor has tagged (labelled) all her pho­tos with “britainyearlymeeting06” which means they’re all avail­able on one page. Cool, but what would be even cool­er is if every Flickr user at the event used the same tag. We’d then have a near­ly real-time group pho­to essay of the year­ly meet­ing sessions.

So this year I’m going to tag all my per­son­al pho­tos from next month’s Friends Gen­er­al Con­fer­ence Gath­er­ing of Friends as “FGCgathering06″. I invite any oth­er Flickr-using atten­ders to do the same. While I do work at FGC, please note this is not any sort of offi­cial FGC deci­sion, it’s just my own idea to share pho­tos and to see how we can use these online net­works to share and pro­mote Quak­erism. In a few weeks you’ll start see­ing entries via flickr and tech­no­rati. I’ll prob­a­bly start with a few pic­tures of the book­store truck being loaded for its cross-country trek. Update: one embed­ded below.
Blog posts:
If your blog­ging sys­tem doesn’t sup­port the use of tags, then sim­ply add this line in the bot­tom of each of your Gathering-related posts:

Update: here’s one:

  • Thomas

    Why lim­it it to Flickr? What about blog posts and oth­er tag­gable items?
    And, while I under­stand your cau­tion about speak­ing on behalf of FGC, I think that for tag­ging to real­ly be effec­tive, there has to be some consensus-building and/or decree­ing of appro­pri­ate tags. Non­prof­it tech groups (among oth­ers, I’m sure — I’m just aware of those) are already doing this — the Non­prof­it Tech­nol­o­gy Enter­prise Net­work pro­mot­ed the ntc06 tag for this year’s con­fer­ence, and you can see the results on Tech­no­rati and Flickr. Sim­i­lar­ly the net2 tag from the Net­Squared con­fer­ence that Tech­Soup just put on. Most of these also car­ry the wide­ly used nptech tag that non­prof­it tech­nol­o­gists have adopt­ed more organically.
    So if there’s still a dai­ly Gath­er­ing newslet­ter, write about your inten­tion there! I bet there are more Friends engag­ing in tag­gable activ­i­ty than one might ini­tial­ly think.

  • Hi Thomas, sure: why not, I’ll tag all my rel­e­vant con­tent with this (includ­ing retag­ging this here post). It’s easy to get a bunch of techies unit­ing on tags but the herd of cats that is FGC Gath­er­ing com­mit­tees?? (I mean that nice­ly: I’m a cat person!).
    I’ll ask around about putting a lit­tle blurb in the dai­ly Gath­er­ing bul­letin. Why not? It’s kind of sober­ing to see that even with “ntc06’s” impri­matur and con­sen­sus they only got five blog­gers and four Flikr posters to use the tag. This is per­haps more of a neat idea than a socially-workable reality.