Shouting with Anger and Love for America’s True Greatness

The hor­rif­ic events of 9/11 would make any coun­try trem­ble. But with the right lead­er­ship we could have shown the world our steady resolve and courage and we could have cel­e­brat­ed an Amer­i­can love and life and lib­er­ty that no air­plane could destroy. But Pres­i­dent George W. Bush has had uses for ter­ror. For eigh­teen months he has beat­en the drums of revenge till fear has become a sec­ond heart­beat in our pysche. Sim­mer Amer­i­ca over a low flame of fear and spice it with con­tempt for the world and you can bring her and her peo­ple to cry hun­gri­ly for blood [con­tin­ued on defunct Non​vi​o​lence​.org dis­cus­sion board]