Site of the Week: The Picket Line

Well, I don’t real­ly have a “Site of the Week” fea­ture. But if I did, I’d high­light Dave Gross’ blog, The Pick­et Line, which is per­haps the first blog I’ve seen actu­al­ly con­nect­ed to one of the his­toric Non​vi​o​lence​.org groups (in this case the “Nation­al War Tax Resis­tance Coör­di­nat­ing Committee” Dave describes it as “a run­ning account of my expe­ri­ence with war tax resis­tance and what I’m learn­ing along the way.” Here’s a a good recent post to whet your appetite:
bq. A friend asks: “How can you break bread with tax­pay­ers in the evening after spend­ing the morn­ing post­ing a rant that says that tax­pay­ers are will­ing­ly com­plic­it in the government’s evil deeds?” “Read the whole post»”:

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