Are We Giving Enough of Ourselves?

Are We Giv­ing Enough of Our­selves?. Greg Woods with a great piece on giv­ing time and lis­ten­ing to God:

How are we respond­ing to these calls? Are we using our gift of time towards work­ing for racial jus­tice? Are we giv­ing enough of our­selves?… Some [Quak­ers] find this the­ol­ogy of con­tin­u­ing rev­e­la­tions dis­tress­ing, but I find com­fort in that because it hon­ors Friends’ long­time wit­ness that God is still speak­ing to our con­di­tion today, both as a cor­po­rate body and as indi­vid­u­als. We should always be lis­ten­ing for how God wants to use us and our abil­i­ties as dis­ci­ples of God’s grace within today’s ever-changing world.