Behind the scenes on corporate activism

I had the pleasure of an author chat with Jeff Perkins, executive director of Friends Fiduciary Corporation, the organization that provides financial services to Quaker meetings and is on the forefront of socially responsible investment. We talked about the kind of activism that happens on investor conference calls. Jeff’s article, Main Street Activism and Wall Street Advocacy: Strange Bedfellows?, appears in the June/July issue of Friends Journal.

Are We Giving Enough of Ourselves?

Are We Giving Enough of Ourselves?. Greg Woods with a great piece on giving time and listening to God:

How are we responding to these calls? Are we using our gift of time towards working for racial justice? Are we giving enough of ourselves?… Some [Quakers] find this theology of continuing revelations distressing, but I find comfort in that because it honors Friends’ longtime witness that God is still speaking to our condition today, both as a corporate body and as individuals. We should always be listening for how God wants to use us and our abilities as disciples of God’s grace within today’s ever-changing world.