Living in a Time of Crisis

Living in a Time of Crisis:

From Mike Farley > How can one little person make any difference in so great an issue, and in any case, how can anyone, individually or collectively, know what might make a difference? The answer seems to me to be found in the silence that lies at the heart of all we do as Friends – that lies at the heart, in fact, of all experiential faith of whatever era or persuasion.

Apoc­a­lypse Now, as follow-up to read­ing Conrad’s Heart of Dark­ness a few weeks ago.

Watched this as a followup to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness a few weeks ago. Francis Ford Coppola’s film takes inspiration and a few scenes from Conrad’s book but many of its most arresting images are original. It does help contextualize the book however. The claustrophobia of the river really comes alive—there’s one way up and one way back and possible ambush lies anywhere.