Throwback from 2005: “Aggregating Our Webs

One of the first iterations of QuakerQuaker, from January 2006.
One of the first iter­a­tions of Quak­erQuaker, from Jan­u­ary 2006.

Look­ing back at a 2005 post that started to lay out what was to become Quak­erQuaker:

Maybe the web’s form of hyper­link­ing is actu­ally supe­rior to Old Media pub­lish­ing. I love how I can put for­ward a strong vision of Quak­erism with­out offend­ing any­one – any put-off read­ers can hit the “back” but­ton. And if a blog I read posts some­thing I don’t agree with, I can sim­ply choose not to com­ment. If life’s just too busy then I just miss a few weeks of posts. With my “Sub­jec­tive Guide to Quaker Blogs” and my “On the Web” posts I high­light the blog­gers I find par­tic­u­larly inter­est­ing, even when I’m not in per­fect the­o­log­i­cal unity. I like that I can have dis­cus­sions back and forth with Friends who I don’t exactly agree with.

RT @ElizQuake: You don’t need to be a Spiritual Nurturer to bloom using these seven practices in everyday life. #Friends #Quaker

Spiritual Eldership

Spir­i­tual Elder­ship.

From Craig Bar­nett:

As I have served my area meet­ing as an elder, I have expe­ri­enced the priv­i­lege of being invited to lis­ten to Friends’ strug­gles and lead­ings, the joys of spir­i­tual awak­en­ing as well as their dis­ap­point­ments, frus­tra­tions and hurts. When­ever I am invited into someone’s life in this way, I am pro­foundly con­scious of the great respon­si­bil­ity and trust involved in the exer­cise of elder­ship.

Remembering it’s an honor just to be read

Strange moment this morn­ing when I checked my blog stats and real­ized that I get a fair amount of traf­fic for a movie review I wrote last year. I was check­ing the stats to see if any of the Quaker-related search terms might give clues for future con­tent on Friends Jour­nal or Quak­er­S­peak and for that pur­pose the review’s pop­u­lar­ity with Google (and read­ers) isn’t that use­ful.

But this blog is just my life spun out. I don’t aim for key­words and I don’t want to dom­i­nate a thought-sphere. If I see a movie and jot down some impres­sions that attract a small audi­ence, then my blog post is a suc­cess. A dozen or so ran­dom peo­ple a month Google in to spend a cou­ple of min­utes read­ing my thoughts on a fifty-year-old movie. That’s cool. That’s enough. In all the talk of tar­get­ing and SEO we some­times for­get that it’s an honor to sim­ply be read.

The other night stayed up late to cud­dled with my wife and watch good-natured but flawed Rom-Com. I read some reviews on IMDB and pon­dered the cliches in the shower the next morn­ing. Boil­ing these impres­sions down into 500 words on a train com­mute would be easy enough. I should do it more.

What’s a Quaker for? World domination or boutique option?

What’s a Quaker for? World dom­i­na­tion or bou­tique option?.

Brian Dray­ton on the pur­pose of our reli­gious soci­ety: “What does make sense to me, and what I dis­cover I’ve been think­ing all along, is that Quak­erism is a probe, a test-bed, or exper­i­men­tal gar­den plot, whose pur­pose is to under­stand some­thing like, “What can we say about liv­ing a human life in har­mony with the Gospel, and avowedly under the present guid­ance of the Light?””

James Tower on Quakers and Jesus: Christ as center

James Tower on Quak­ers and Jesus: Christ as cen­ter.

It is a dynamic cen­ter, a cre­ative Life that presses to birth within us. It is a Light Within which illu­mi­nes the face of God and casts new shad­ows and new glo­ries on the face of humans. It is a seed stir­ring to life, if we do not choke it.