More classic Quaker books available online

Geeky read­ers out there might want to know that Google Books is now mak­ing many of its out-of-print col­lec­tion avail­able as down­load­able and print­able PDFs. They list 42,500 entries under “Soci­ety of Friends”: I’m unsure whether this is books with that phrase or pages inside books with that phrase, but either way that’s a lot of read­ing. A quick breeze turns up some good titles. Thanks to “Tech Crunch”: for the Google news. Old­er online book projects worth a men­tion: “Project Gutenberg”: the “Chris­t­ian Clas­sics Ethe­r­i­al Library”: and the Earl­ham School of Religion’s use­ful but clunky “Dig­i­tal Quak­er Collection”:

Fellowship Model of Liberal Quakers

On the train this morn­ing I read Eliz­a­beth Caz­den’s “Fel­low­ships, Con­fer­ences and Asso­ci­a­tions: The Lim­its of the Lib­er­al Quak­er Rein­ven­tion of Meet­ing Polity”: This 36 page pam­phlet is a must-read for all of us Quak­er Ranters.

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