Occupy Philly as urban form http://​philadel​phi​a2050​.blogspot​.com/​2​0​1​1​/​1​1​/​p​h​o​t​opo…

Occu­py Philly as urban form http://​philadel​phi​a2050​.blogspot​.com/​2​0​1​1​/​1​1​/​p​h​o​t​o​p​o​s​t​-​o​c​c​u​p​y​-​p​h​i​l​l​y​-​a​s​-​s​p​o​n​t​a​n​e​o​u​s​.​h​tml

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A walk around the Occupy Philly encampment

There's a different feel since I last visited--it's quieter and more lived-in. Less a protest and more a small town. Services are organized and there's less people standing with signs and taking each other's pictures.

I briefly sat in on the Quaker/Interfaith tent, where a meeting was going. I couldn't hear much but the main issue of business was how open an interfaith speaker's series should be. I didn't have too much time so I quietly slipped off afterwards to take more pictures of Occupy. #blog

In album Occupy Philly, 10/25 lunchtime #occupyphilly (7 photos)

Part of the "Idea Wall"

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Exciting Philly Convergent Friends opportunity

ppThe most excel­lent Peg­gy Sen­ger Par­sons of Oregon’s Free­dom Friends Church emailed me today say­ing she and the equal­ly excel­lent Marge Abbott will be co-leading a work­shop at the Philadel­phia area Pen­dle Hill Retreat Cen­ter from 3/27 – 29. These two were cross­ing the­o­log­i­cal bound­aries and pio­neer­ing the Con­ver­gent Friend ethos long before Blogs, Twit­ter & Face­book. The work­shop is called “Are we still a dan­ger­ous peo­ple?” and as rock­ing as that sounds, I’d be will­ing to lis­ten to these two read the Salem, Ore­gon phone book for a week­end. If you have a pil­low stuffed with some extra cash ($200 for com­muters) then you should def­i­nite­ly try to make it (unfor­tu­nate­ly I don’t have a lumpy pil­low­case and can’t afford to take anoth­er three days off). 

Peg­gy wrote that she wants to make her­self “avail­able for the Sat­ur­day after­noon free time for a con­ver­sa­tion with any Friends who want to drop in and crash the par­ty.” That sounds good to me! If I can rearrange some child­care sched­ules, I’ll try to make that. That would be Sat­ur­day the 28th from 1:00 – 3:30pm.

Julie’s church in the news

The Philadel­phia Inquir­er wrote an arti­cle on Julie’s tra­di­tion­al­ist Catholic church this week and even pro­duced a video that gives you a feel of the wor­ship. Because of the two lit­tle ones we try to alter­nate between her church and Friends meet­ing on First Day morn­ings (though my crazy work sched­ule over the past few months have pre­clud­ed even this). I’m in no dan­ger of becom­ing the “Catholic Ranter” any­time soon (sor­ry Julie!) but I do appre­ci­ate the rev­er­ence and sense of pur­pose which Mater Ecclessians bring to wor­ship and even I have cul­ture shock when I go to a norvus ordo mass these days. Com­men­tary on the Inquir­er piece cour­tesy Father Zuhls­dorf. That blog and the Closed Cafe­te­ria are favorites around here. Here’s a few pic­tures of us at the church fol­low­ing baptisms.

PS: I wish the Catholic Church as a whole were more open-minded when it comes to LGBT issues. That said, the ser­mons on the issue I’ve heard at Mater Eccle­si­ae have gone out of their way to empha­size char­i­ty. That said, I’ve occa­sion­al­ly heard some under the breath com­ments by parish­ioners that weren’t so char­i­ta­ble. Yet anoth­er rea­son to stay the Quak­er Ranter.

Upcoming Conservative and blog travels

My F/f Thomas T emailed me about the “Blogphiladelphia”:http://www.blogphiladelphia.net “uncon­fer­ence” hap­pen­ing next month in down­town Philly. It sounds like it could be sil­ly and inter­est­ing at the same time so I’ve signed up.
Per­son­al stalk­ers mak­ing sum­mer plans should keep mid-August open. It looks like my blog/IM/Twitter/Facebook bud­dy “C Wess Daniels”:http://gatheringinlight.com/ and I are going to add yet anoth­er social media to our reper­toire and actu­al­ly meet face to face as co-presenters for an evening event at “Ohio Year­ly Meet­ing Conservative”:http://www.ohioyearlymeeting.org/. Along with Ohio’s David Male we’ll be bang­ing on that ever-popular “Con­ver­gent Friends” drum. I’m not sure I’ve ever actu­al­ly giv­en my two cents on the term and the phe­nom. I’ll prob­a­bly post about it in the lead up to the August event as a kind of prepa­ra­tion. Any­one with­in road-trip dis­tance of Bar­nesville is invit­ed to come over Fri­day evening the 17th to hear the talk.
And speak­ing of Con­ser­v­a­tive Friends, every­one should check out the great newish web­site called “The Con­ser­v­a­tive Friend”:http://www.conservativefriend.org/, an unof­fi­cial out­reach ini­tia­tive of Ohio Year­ly Meet­ing. It’s sim­ple but attrac­tive, walks that fine line between truth telling and humil­i­ty with grace and has a won­der­ful sense of humor and self-awareness that sneaks up on you as you read through. Now who knew Ohio Con­ser­v­a­tives had a sense of humor? Seri­ous­ly, it’s real­ly nice work.
I’ll be miss­ing the “Con­ser­v­a­tive Gath­er­ing of Friends”:http://www.keystonefellowship.org/cons_friends_gathering.htm being held in the Lan­cast­er, PA, area next week­end. I’d like to claim that mon­ey and time is keep­ing me from attend­ing but it’s hard to argue that when I drove by its meet­ing sites only a few days ago just to look at trains. Well, let’s just say at this moment of life my spir­it need­ed fam­i­ly time more than Quak­er gath­er­ing time. I hope it goes well; if any Quak­er­Ran­ter read­ers do attend I’d love to hear their impressions.