The Berg questions few are asking

I am shocked and hor­ri­fied by the decap­i­ta­tion of Nicholas Berg in Iraq, but not for the chest-puffing rea­sons the folks at Fox News are. U.S. mil­i­tary prox­ies held Berg with­out charges for an extend­ed peri­od of time and there are too many ques­tions about when he was released and who he might have been released to. I’m not one for con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries but there are real ques­tions as to how Berg end­ed up in front of those anony­mous, hood­ed butch­ers. What­ev­er the answers, the U.S. mil­i­tary is involved in his deten­tion, as is the FBI (who made him miss a plane that was sup­posed to take him out of Iraq last month), as is the U.S. gov­ern­ment back home who didn’t coöper­ate with his fam­i­ly to get him out of there.
My major piece on this is over on the main Non​vi​o​lence​.org site: “US mil­i­tary prox­ies held Berg before decap­ti­a­tion; who were his executioners?”:
I’m sure to get even more hate mail than usu­al for this but I’ll also be watch­ing the main­stream media cov­er­age. I only know of many of these details because Berg was local and Chan­nel 10 News gave back­ground to Berg’s deten­tion. Here’s my pre­dic­tion from past expe­ri­ence: this sto­ry will be too hot for the main­stream media to ques­tion for a few days and then it will only be to report that there are some nut­cas­es ask­ing ques­tions. Only after a few days of this kind of second-hand ques­tion will the nation­al media drop the fas­cade and start ask­ing the ques­tions them­selves. It should be a fun week ahead.

  • cameron lovelace

    After read­ing about Nicholas Berg, I had some simalar ques­tions. Wouldn’t you think that Our gov­ern­ment is con­trol­ling a bit of the media there? This trag­ic event would cer­tain­ly take focus off of some oth­er recent trag­ic events and of course would real­ly stir up some emo­tions. I cer­tain­ly hope that ‘our’ coun­try had noth­ing do with this, or 9/11 for that matter…What ever hap­pens though, we can not suc­cumb to the fear and hatered that is being attempt­ed to be installed into each one of us. They WILL NOT suc­ceed! Resist by lov­ing and remain­ing compassionate.

  • The media ques­tion­ing might be start­ing… A researcher for NPR just called.

  • Bri­an

    Been read­ing a bit about con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries aris­ing out the video. Although hor­ri­fy­ing, the clock on the tape is interesting:
    Appar­ent­ly there were two cam­eras with almost an 11 hour dif­fer­ence on the time stamp.
    Here’s the sequence from one cam­era from what I can make out:
    Begin: 2:18:43
    2:40:32 – 39
    2:40:11 – 19
    2:40:25 – 26
    2:40:21 – 59
    2:41:31 – 39
    2:41:10 – 59
    2:42:31 – 39
    2:42:10 – 59
    2:43:30 – 39
    2:43:10 – 59
    2:44:30 – 39
    End: 2:44:16
    The oth­er cam­era from what I can tell ini­tial­ly ends at 13:26:27, picks up again at 13:45:47 – 53
    13 – 46:00 – 33 (the cam­era time jumps weird­ly at 13:46)
    End 13:47:46 – 52
    Also, is it pos­si­ble to have video that blur­ry nowa­days? Last­ly, if you can stom­ach it, keep a close eye on the victim’s face as he gets pushed down. It seems to change from heavy to thin, and it looks like he los­es the beard. Maybe I’m nuts but that’s a lot of editing.
    Also check out: http://​www​.azt​lan​.net/​f​a​k​e​_​v​i​d​e​o​.​htm

  • AM

    Trag­i­cal­ly, sad­ly, Nicholas Berg has reaped what George Bush has sown.

  • Bar­bara

    Thank God for the nut­cas­es. I would like to give a dona­tion to keep this and your non​vi​o​lence​.org going. Ranter injects vital­i­ty to my dulled con­scious­ness. It is easy to tune out and dis­be­lieve every­thing in the estab­lished media, for the sake of sav­ing your own soul from spin­ning and being spun, how­ev­er you actu­al­ly take the time to sift through that junk and try to find the under­ly­ing lies and raise ques­tions. Thank God for the nut cakes out there.