1840 Anti-Slavery Society Convention

This is a cool painting that we'll be using to accompany an upcoming Friends Journal (friendsjournal.org) article on Lucretia Mott.

Lots of cool things about this. #1 is that we made positive ID of the picture via Google Goggles image search (technology FTW!). #2 is that the image map on the linked page lets you pick out a number of the participants; Lucretia's not labeled but presumably she's the woman next to James Mott, who's near the right side looking down. #3 is that the fiery speaker is none other than Thomas Clarkson, the Anglican whose "Portraiture of Quakerism" is a must-read for the Quaker geek set. #friendsjournal #art

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[edit] Using an Imagemap. The image map is mostly obvious as it will show you what will happen if you just move your cursor over the picture. The one thing that does confuse is trying to see a full vi...

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