Too-familiar buildings on the news

It’s chilly to see the break­ing head­lines about the shoot­ing at Vir­ginia Tech, already being billed as the “dead­liest cam­pus shoot­ing in Amer­i­can his­to­ry.” This has been the site of two recent FGC Gath­er­ings and the cam­pus’ unique archi­tec­ture is instant­ly rec­og­niz­able for those of us who have spent a cumu­la­tive two weeks on the cam­pus. How hor­ri­ble, how sad and tragic.

  • Paul L

    Yes, I had the same thoughts; it’s not as abstract to me as it might have oth­er­wise been; the cam­pus was home, for a week not long ago .…

  • @Paul: I looked at the cam­pus map and the site of the first shoot­ing, West Ambler John­son Hall, is adja­cent to the cafe­te­ria we used (Diet­rick Hall) and on the field where that inter­gen­er­a­tional yarn-in-the-trees event hap­pened. The Nor­ris Hall site of the sec­ond shoot­ing is adja­cent to the build­ing we used for ple­nar­ies. It does feel less abstract… Read­ing the reports it looks like quite a scary scene. It’s already been upgrad­ed to worst mass shoot­ing or some such. What moti­vates this kind of madness?