Vanunu photos of Israel’s WMD factory

On our sis­ter site, “Mordechai Vanunu’s pho­tos of the Israeli nuclear facility”:, the very pic­tures that got him locked up.
bq. Mordechai Vanunu brought his cam­era to work in late 1985, short­ly before leav­ing his eight-year stint as a tech­ni­cian at Israel’s nuclear weapons fac­to­ry at Dimona.
bq. While their pub­li­ca­tion result­ed in Vanunu being locked away for an 18-year prison sen­tence, his pho­tographs of Israel’s nuclear weapons fac­to­ry — a bold state­ment against nuclear secre­cy and for the abo­li­tion of nuclear weapons — are here for all to see.

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