“Voices” Confessions Ignored?

So there’s been a flur­ry of blog­ging about Con­fes­sions of an Anti-Sanctions Activist, an arti­cle con­demn­ing the activist group Voic­es in the Wilder­ness by one of it’s for­mer mem­bers. Lots of con­ser­v­a­tive blogs, includ­ing the very influ­en­tial Instapun­dit are com­ment­ing on it. But so far I’ve seen no paci­fist respons­es oth­er than my own and Voic­es’ web­site is silent. What’s up with this? Is every­one just fig­ur­ing it’s bet­ter to let this all die down or do they not know the pub­lic­i­ty val­ue of such a promi­nent article?

  • Scott

    As far as I can tell the mem­bers of voic­es are in the process of writ­ing and then of pub­lish­ing cor­re­spon­dence per­tain­ing to Char­lie Brown’s piece between one anoth­er and hope­ful­ly Char­lie also. Not to make excus­es but the ener­gy has been direct­ed more toward vitw being sued by the US Jus­tice Depart­ment. But I do know that most peo­ple are writ­ing as I type this. Also, vitw asked del­e­ga­tions to read Said Aburish’s _Politics of Revenge_ almost as soon as it was pub­lished, and it con­tains a scathing reveiw of the régime.