What’s Anne Hathaway doing in Cape May anyway?

One of the things I don’t get about the press treat­ment of the Follieri/Galante scan­dal is their atti­tude toward actress Anne Hath­away. Until a few weeks ago she was the dap­per Italian’s girl­friend and they were con­stant­ly pho­tographed togeth­er. But they broke up the week before the scan­dal hit the tabloids, and all we’ve got­ten are these sil­ly human inter­est sto­ries. We hear spec­u­la­tion she must be heart­bro­ken, we hear how she’s mov­ing on with her life, we even hear details about get­ting her dog back from her old apart­ment with Fol­lieri. She’s lost a lot of weight of her lat­est movie pro­mo tour and mys­te­ri­ous­ly showed up at a Cape May bar singing Jour­ney songs this week­end with a pho­tog­ra­ph­er con­ve­nient­ly in tow.

Hel­lo? She was on the board of direc­tors of the Fol­lieri Group’s char­i­ties. The New York pent­house they shared was paid for by conned mon­ey as were their lav­ish trips and high fly­ing lifestyle. Boyfriend dra­ma is the last thing she needs to be wor­ried about right now. I sure hope the FBI is care­ful­ly going through her check­book and date book right now. She both solicit­ed and received stolen mon­ey. No won­der she’s lost a lot of weight.

And what’s up with her get­ting off the plane from Lon­don and dri­ving a cou­ple of hours to the south­ern tip of the New Jer­sey? The Cape May Coun­ty house Fol­lieri bought from the bish­op was report­ed­ly just sold again. Could Anne Hath­away be on the deed or autho­rized to sign for  Fol­lieri? Idle spec­u­la­tion of course but I do wish her pub­li­cists weren’t mak­ing fools of the pop­u­lar press like this.

  • Ter­ry

    Please be sure you have the facts cor­rect before blogging.
    I was the karaōke host the evening Ms. Hath­away attend­ed, and she most cer­tain­ly did NOT have a “pho­tog­ra­ph­er in tow.” The pho­to on the Peo­ple web­site is archived and looks to be from MTV’s TRL show.
    You want to snark it up, fine. Just snark it up factually.

    • Mar­tin Kelley

      The Peo­ple mag­a­zine pho­to mis­led me. Thanks for adding to the fact base of Anne Hathaway’s where­abouts. I assume there were still pub­li­cists involved in her being plas­tered across the celeb papers singing Jour­ney just before the FBI announced they were seiz­ing her papers in the investigation.

  • Kristin

    Anne is from New Jer­sey. That’s why she was there. Her fam­i­ly lives in New Jersey.

  • Elchongo9890

    I was there and hung out with her that week­end, she was enjoy­ing some time with fam­i­ly and friends and did NOT have a pho­tog­ra­ph­er in tow, it was just some­one who had rec­og­nized her. Some­times peo­ple need to just get away from things with­out peo­ple try­ing to cause them more dra­ma than they already are deal­ing with. 

  • Elchongo9890

    And yes, Kristin is right, Anne grew up in New Jer­sey, it would behoove you to do some research before assum­ing things