Wow, when I Google myself, the top return is my Google profile, which includes direct…

Wow, when I Google myself, the top return is my Google pro­file, which includes direct links to my some of my media (in this case, busi­ness site, blog and LinkedIn profile)

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  • That’s great — there are sev­er­al pub­licly notable Scott Wellses, so I’m nev­er on the first page of a search — but do you get that when you’re not logged into Google, say, Chome incog­ni­to mode. I tried and went back to my old search hit position.

  • Good point, you’re right, the pro­file isn’t there (though my var­i­ous online per­sonas dom­i­nate the results). When I Google “Scott Wells” from my logged-in account your Google pro­file shows up (but doesn’t in incog­ni­to). This all makes sense: with G+ we’re telling Google we know each oth­er so it pri­or­i­tizes our pub­lic G accounts when we search our our names. Smart.

  • Noth­ing with Google comes up when I search my whole name. The top hit is my web­site. The sec­ond? My QQ pro­file. Ha!

  • Yes, QQ pro­files can be very vis­i­ble 🙂 . Did you set your Google pro­file to be pub­lic? I under­stand they will all be pub­lic short­ly. BTW, when I don’t use the first ini­tial I see a great Youtube video of you danc­ing as Miss Tahi­ti 1971. The things I don’t know about you!..

  • LOL. Yeah, lots of oth­er peo­ple come up when you just type in Jeanne Burns. There was once anoth­er per­son with my name also in the local bone mar­row trans­plant clin­ic, and our records got con­fused for a short peri­od of time.

  • I just dis­cov­ered that I have a day named after me in Baton Rouge, LA. Wow.