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Martin Kelley is Quaker editor and blogger who lives thirty miles southeast of Philadelphia, Pa. He is the founder of QuakerQuaker, a social networking site; since 2011, he has served as senior editor of Friends Journal, the venerable monthly magazine of “Quaker Thought and Life Today.”


I cofounded a weekly zine (“The VACUUM”) in college at Villanova University in the late 1980s and in some ways I’ve just kept reinventing that wheel ever since. My career formally began in 1990 as a book designer and acquisitions editor at the collectively-run New Society Publishers, producer of books for nonviolent social change. When it hit the financial wall in 1995, I jumped online and started with the quaint-sounding tagline “Web typesetting for the movement by the movement.” It generated media excitement, brought together a community of activists, and helped pioneered some online journalistic forms, but potential funders didn’t know what to make of it.

I’ve been blogging since 1997. The earliest material was written for Over time, the writing became more personal and spiritual and I wrote as the “Quaker Ranter.” Much of my more recent blogging is curatorial—interesting links shared—with more original, long form writing happening as it will a few times a month.

In 1998 I joined the staff of Friends General Conference, serving for eight years as bookstore clerk, website developer, and outreach coordinator. In 2003 I started as a compendium of interesting links on my blog’s sidebar. In 2005 my meeting minuted its support of my work and I was awarded recognition and a small grant from the Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment to turn it into a new volunteer-powered magazine, which I dubbed QuakerQuaker. A lot of the early coalescing of what’s come to be called the Convergent Friends movement took place on this site. I’m a “convinced” Friend, walking into my first meeting house at age twenty and have been a member of Atlantic City Area Friends Meeting since 2002.

in 2006 I started a web design business, working with a mix of small businesses, journalists, and Quaker nonprofits before taking on the senior editor role at Friends Journal in 2011 (if you’re interested in writing for us, please check out our Editorial Guidelines).

I grew up in northern Philadelphia neighborhoods and adjacent Cheltenham Township and moved to West Philly as soon as I got out of college. To mutual surprise I started dating an South Jersey native (and she a Philadelphian?!), whose wiles led me across the wide expanses of the Delaware River into the terra incognita of deep South Jersey. I now live a kind of charmed exile in lovely Hammonton, N.J., with my wife and four kids, Theo, Francis, Gregory and Laura and spend a lot of time exploring woods and the back sand roads of the Pine Barrens.

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Martin Kelley is a Philadelphia-area Friend with a love out of outreach and ministry and a passion for looking afresh at Friends’ testimonies, language, and practices. He is editor of Friends Journal, the monthly Quaker magazine, and founder of, an online community for Convergent Friends. An early adopter of social media, he writes about culture, politics and spirituality at He lives in New Jersey.


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