On Journal articles and youthe-full traveling

I just read a great arti­cle in the March _Friends Journal_ by Chip Thomas, “Shake before Open­ing” (Unfor­tu­nate­ly the _Journal_ only puts select­ed arti­cles online and that’s not one of the two that will be fea­tured this month, so no link).
My Friend James Chang trav­eled with Chip this First Day to my old haunt, Cen­tral Philadel­phia Month­ly Meet­ing. “Here’s his abbre­vi­at­ed account of the visit”:http://curiouspenn.blogspot.com/2005/02/todays-visit.html. In light of next month’s FGC “Youth Min­istries” retreat, it should be of note that Chip felt com­fort­able ask­ing a twenty-something col­lege stu­dent he had just met to be his trav­el­ing com­pan­ion. None of the peo­ple I know who have trav­eled under the “FGC Trav­el­ing Min­istries Program”:www.FGCQuaker.org/traveling have been of near­ly so ten­der an age. His­tor­i­cal­ly many of the most impor­tant min­is­ters and lead­ers in the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends were first led to min­is­ter in their twen­ties and were men­tored in this by a rich com­mu­ni­ty and spelled-out structure.

Selling Quakerism to The Kids

A few weeks ago I got a bulk email from a promi­nent sixty-something Friend, who wrote that a pro­grammed New Age prac­tice pop­u­lar in our branch of Quak­erism over the last few years has been a “cru­cial spir­i­tu­al expe­ri­ence for a great many of the best of our young adult Friends to whom [Lib­er­al Friends] must look for its future” and that they rep­re­sent­ed the “ris­ing gen­er­a­tion of ded­i­cat­ed young adult Friends.” Real­ly? I thought I’d share a sam­pling of emails and posts I’ve got­ten over just the last cou­ple of days.

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