On Journal articles and youthe-full traveling

I just read a great article in the March _Friends Journal_ by Chip Thomas, “Shake before Opening” (Unfortunately the _Journal_ only puts selected articles online and that’s not one of the two that will be featured this month, so no link).
My Friend James Chang traveled with Chip this First Day to my old haunt, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. “Here’s his abbreviated account of the visit”:http://curiouspenn.blogspot.com/2005/02/todays-visit.html. In light of next month’s FGC “Youth Ministries” retreat, it should be of note that Chip felt comfortable asking a twenty-something college student he had just met to be his traveling companion. None of the people I know who have traveled under the “FGC Traveling Ministries Program”:www.FGCQuaker.org/traveling have been of nearly so tender an age. Historically many of the most important ministers and leaders in the Religious Society of Friends were first led to minister in their twenties and were mentored in this by a rich community and spelled-out structure.

Selling Quakerism to The Kids

A few weeks ago I got a bulk email from a prominent sixty-something Friend, who wrote that a programmed New Age practice popular in our branch of Quakerism over the last few years has been a “crucial spiritual experience for a great many of the best of our young adult Friends to whom [Liberal Friends] must look for its future” and that they represented the “rising generation of dedicated young adult Friends.” Really? I thought I’d share a sampling of emails and posts I’ve gotten over just the last couple of days.

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