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  • The faith­ful­ness of Friends 11/21/2014
    The faith­ful­ness of Friends: Mike Far­ley on the ups and downs of a reli­gious move­ment: “This is the authen­tic voice of exper­i­men­tal faith, the voice that has led Friends through the thick­ets of stag­na­tion and renewal over and over again through the 350 or so years of our his­tory. I some­times think we need to remind our­selves repeat­edly that what mat­ters is n […]
  • What Quak­ers can teach the busi­ness world about lis­ten­ing 11/11/2014
    What Quak­ers can teach the busi­ness world about lis­ten­ing: Greg McK­e­own writes in the Har­vard Busi­ness Review: “Deep engage­ment does not begin with get­ting peo­ple to lis­ten to you; it begins when you really lis­ten to them. Pow­er­ful lis­ten­ing is one of the rarest exec­u­tive prac­tices today.”
  • Does the world need more Quaker sen­si­bil­i­ties? 11/11/2014
    Does the world need more Quaker sen­si­bil­i­ties?: Ray­mond J Brim­ble hopes for more Quaker-inspired val­ues in our pol­i­tics: “Why is “com­pro­mise” such a bad con­cept these days? Do we lack that much con­fi­dence in our own opin­ions and have such lit­tle respect for those of our friends and neigh­bors? Isn’t democ­racy defined by com­pro­mise and dic­ta­tor­ship the method […]
  • Explain­ing Quaker wor­ship 11/05/2014
    Explain­ing Quaker wor­ship: Mike Far­ley of the Silent Assem­blies blog explains wor­ship: “Meet­ing for Wor­ship, I found myself say­ing, is some­thing quite dif­fer­ent from a group of peo­ple sit­ting around, each med­i­tat­ing by them­self. It is not an excuse, either, for each to become lost in their own thoughts and fantasies.”
  • Can Quaker The­ists and Non-Theists get along? 11/05/2014
    Can Quaker The­ists and Non-Theists get along?: Secret Quaker sit­u­ates the debates around the­ism as long­stand­ing ques­tions: “As Quak­ers stum­ble over the “G Word” not wish­ing to alien­ate the non-theists among us, it would seem of rel­e­vance to note that this is a very Old Tes­ta­ment Prob­lem. Since it was impos­si­ble to see God, Jews devel­oped inge­nious ways to av […]

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I am a mem­ber of the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends, known col­lo­qui­ally as Quak­ers. Many of my blog posts deal with issues of our soci­ety and its inter­ac­tions with the larger world.


From 1995–2008 I was the pub­lisher of Non​vi​o​lence​.org, a ground-breaking por­tal and blog about peace. Many of these arti­cles are archived from that period.