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  • The joy of Quaker the­ol­ogy 12/12/2014
    The joy of Quaker the­ol­ogy: Steven Davi­son thinks we should talk about our beliefs: “I get such joy from the life of the mind. And Quaker the­ol­ogy in par­tic­u­lar gives me sub­lime plea­sure. I love read­ing and learn­ing and think­ing and teach­ing and talk­ing about Quaker tra­di­tion and the dynam­ics of Quaker com­mu­nity life. Like­wise for the Bible.”
  • In The Atlantic: The ‘Gray­wash­ing’ of CIA Tor­ture 12/11/2014
    In The Atlantic: The ‘Gray­wash­ing’ of CIA Tor­ture: The use of torture—and its defense now by Obama and far too much of the polit­i­cal establishment—is a new dark stain on America’s soul. This is yet another slip into fas­cism for a coun­try that never acknowl­edges its dark side. From The Atlantic: The con­ceit that the CIA engaged in a rel­a­tively forgi […]
  • Throw­back Thurs­day: atop Lancashire’s Pen­dle Hill in 2003,… 12/11/2014
    Throw­back Thurs­day: atop Lancashire’s Pen­dle Hill in 2003, famous for witches and George Fox, I found rock graf­fiti spelling out “Jesus is Alive” 
  • My author chat with Mag­gie O’Neill, who’s arti­cle… 12/09/2014
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOU5u3qPRKs?feature=oembed&w=400&h=225]My author chat with Mag­gie O’Neill, who’s arti­cle “Sleep­ing with Mar­garet Fox” is fea­tured in the Decem­ber @friendsjournal.
  • The Quaker now 12/07/2014
    The Quaker now: Emerg­ing Diana stops to appre­ci­ate what we are: If we would sim­ply dwell more in the now, Quakerism’s past and future would take care of them­selves. (Let the dead bury the dead. Don’t worry about what you will eat and drink but look at the lilies of the field, which toil not. (Stop and look, really look, at the lilies.)) Have we heard this be […]

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I am a mem­ber of the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends, known col­lo­qui­ally as Quak­ers. Many of my blog posts deal with issues of our soci­ety and its inter­ac­tions with the larger world.


From 1995–2008 I was the pub­lisher of Non​vi​o​lence​.org, a ground-breaking por­tal and blog about peace. Many of these arti­cles are archived from that period.