Being Convinced

Being Con­vinced. Iris Grav­ille talks about find­ing the Quaker way:

the Quaker Way isn’t the only way. For over thirty years, though, Quak­erism has been the spir­i­tual home, or nest, that sus­tains and nur­tures the pres­ence of God in my life. It’s the com­mu­nity that keeps me grounded in the Pres­ence within as well as out­side of me that guides my actions. 

‘Q’ is for Quaking: Charismatic and Pentecostal Aspects of the Quaker Way

‘Q’ is for Quak­ing: Charis­matic and Pen­te­costal Aspects of the Quaker Way. From Stu­art Mas­ter:

For early Friends, the most impor­tant dimen­sion of the expe­ri­ence of bap­tism in the Spirit was that it led to a regen­er­ated life; one in which peo­ple found them­selves brought into right rela­tion­ship with God, with other peo­ple and with the whole cre­ation. The charis­matic phe­nom­e­non of Quak­ing was a man­i­fes­ta­tion of the work of the power of God within them but the real fruit of the process was a new life.

Gil George takes a deeper look at divisions among NorthWest YM Friends

Gil George takes a deeper look at divi­sions among North­West YM Friends. The causes direct and indi­rect:

The cur­rent con­flict is osten­si­bly about the murky sub­ject of LGBTQ inclu­sion in the life and min­istry of the NWYM, but I believe is actu­ally about who gets to set and enforce the iden­tity of the NWYM. This par­tic­u­lar fight has gone on for many, many, years with skir­mishes dat­ing back to the 1960s and is rooted in Chris­t­ian reac­tions to the cul­ture shift that began then.