The Andrew Walton Idiot Defense

Please read Galante and Fol­lieri: the Bish­op and the Con Man, which lays out the details men­tioned in this post.

The Dio­cese of Cam­den is in fran­tic spin con­trol mode after yesterday’s rev­e­la­tions that Bish­op Galante per­son­al­ly received $400,000
from high fly­ing Euro­trash con man Raf­fae­lo Fol­lieri for the sale of a
beach house the Bish­op had been unable to unload. Follieri’s the guy
who’s been try­ing to buy up Catholic church prop­er­ties across the
coun­try while mak­ing out with his Hol­ly­wood girl­friend on San Tropez
and par­ty­ing it up with Bill Clinton’s sleezy billionaire

It seems like a pret­ty clear cut case. Galante had his hand in Follieri’s cook­ie jar.
Sold his beach house to the guy who stood to prof­it most from the
Bishop’s plan to sell off half of South Jersey’s church­es. Old­est story
in the book. Give him the cell next to Follieri’s and they can rem­i­nisce about
the good old days (NSFW).

I’ve been won­der­ing just how the Dio­cese would try to spin this story
as it waits for fed­er­al inves­ti­ga­tors to come knock­ing at the door. And
today the offi­cial Spokesper­son in Charge of Fairy Tales called up all the papers. Ladies and gen­tle­men, we present you with:

The Andrew Wal­ton Idiot Defense

Turns out some­one at the Vat­i­can called some­one at the
Dioce­san offices back in 2004 telling them to sell to Fol­lieri. That’s
it. No one can remem­ber who made the call. No one can remem­ber who took
the call. For all we know Fol­lieri filled his mouth with cot­ton balls
and did his best Mar­lon Bran­do imi­ta­tion from the pay phone across the street. 

The Arch­dio­ce­ses in Boston, New York, Newark and else­where told Fol­lieri they had enough bridges thank you very much, but poor Grand­pa Joe was con­fused and start­ed lend­ing him priests and giv­ing him the keys to the beach house.

How could any­one imag­ine that Fol­lieri was a crook? He seemed like any
oth­er Moth­er Tere­sa choir boy with his $10,000 suits, New York penthouse,
hero­in habit, con­vict­ed mob asso­ciates, San Tropez week­ends and expensively-maintained Hol­ly­wood girl­friend. “Nobody was aware of prob­lems with Mr. Fol­lieri or his com­pa­ny at that time.” Yeah right. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. And I’m the wid­ow of the late John Paul II, recent­ly deceased Pres­i­dent of the Vat­i­can, with frozen assets in Nige­ria I’d like your help in secur­ing. Please email me back at your ear­li­est con­ve­nience Andy Wal­ton, I know you won’t be disappointed.

  • go back to Texas!

    Bish­op Galante has been a night­mare for the Church in South Jer­sey. He wast­ed 2 years with his “lis­ten­ing ses­sions” but he only lis­tens to Msgr Rodger McGrath, Sr Mar­i­lyn Volmer and maybe a hand­ful of oth­er lack­ies who couldn’t care less about the local church. I want to throw up when I walk into my church on Sun­day (clos­ing) and see that B.S. “Vision For the Church in South Jer­sey” state­ment hang­ing on the wall.
    I hope that the Feds look into what oth­er deals were in the works between the Cam­den Dio­cese and the Fol­lieri Group. It’s hard to believe that with Fol­lieri in town and half of the parish­es being shut down that there were not future deals in the works

  • Mar­tin Kelley

    I was look­ing at time lines last night and I strong­ly sus­pect the Feds work­ing on this case have a lot more infor­ma­tion about the mon­ey trail than they’ve released so far. I sus­pect we’ll be hear­ing a lot more about Mon­sign­or Kozar in the next few months and that Mon­sign­or Hodge won’t be fly­ing back to the coun­try with­out a FBI plea bar­gain deal already in place.