Going all the way with MovableType

I’m start­ing the process of putting my whole site onto Mov­able­Type, even the old sta­t­ic pages.

Inspired by “Doing Your Whole Site with MT”:http://www.bradchoate.com/past/001656.php on Brad Choate’s site, I start­ed exper­i­ment­ing today with putting the whole Non​vi​o​lence​.org site into Move­able­Type. At first I thought it was just a tri­al exper­i­ment but I’m hooked. I espe­cial­ly love how much clean­er the entry for the “links”:www.nonviolence.org/links page now looks and I might actu­al­ly be inspired to keep it up to date more now. (I’ve also inte­grat­ed Choate’s “MT-Textile”:http://www.bradchoate.com/past/mttextile.php which makes a big dif­fer­ence in keep­ing entries clean of HMTL garbage, and the semi-related “SmartyPants”:http://daringfireball.net/projects/smartypants/ which makes the site more typo­graph­i­cal­ly ele­gant with easy M-dashes and curly quotes).
So here’s what I’m doing: there are three Mov­able Type blogs inter­act­ing with one anoth­er (not includ­ing this per­son­al blog):
* One is the more-or-less stan­dard one that is pow­er­ing the main home­page blog of Non​vi​o​lence​.org.
* The sec­ond I call “NV:Static” which holds my sta­t­ic pages, much as Brad out­lines. I put my desired URL path into the Title field (i.e., “info/index”) and then put the page’s real title into the Key­words field (i.e., “About Non​vi​o​lence​.org”) and have that give the date for the title field and the first head­line of the page. It might seem back­wards to use Title for URL and then use Key­words for Title, but this means that when I’m in MT look­ing to edit a par­tic­u­lar file, it will be the URL paths that are listed.
* The third blog is my “NV:Design Ele­ments.” This con­tains the block of graph­ics on the top and left of every page. I know I’ll have to redesign this all soon and I can do it from wher­ev­er. This blog out­puts to HTML. All the oth­er pages on the site are PHP and its a sim­ple include to pull the top and left bars into each PHP page.
Oh yes, I’m also think­ing of incor­po­rat­ing guest blogs in the near future and all of these ele­ments should make that much easier.
Here’s anoth­er site to check out, “about how some­one inte­grat­ed Mov­able­Type into their church website”:http://www.healyourchurchwebsite.com/archives/000864.shtml using some inter­est­ing techniques.