More classic Quaker books available online

Geeky readers out there might want to know that Google Books is now making many of its out-of-print collection available as downloadable and printable PDFs. They list 42,500 entries under "Society of Friends": I'm unsure whether this is books with that phrase or pages inside books with that phrase, but either way that's a lot of reading. A quick breeze turns up some good titles. Thanks to "Tech Crunch": for the Google news. Older online book projects worth a mention: "Project Gutenberg": the "Christian Classics Etherial Library": and the Earlham School of Religion's useful but clunky "Digital Quaker Collection":

  • Mar­tin,
    From the link you’ve pro­vid­ed, the Google search looks as though each and every page they’ve repro­duced is indexed as a “hit” on the search.
    Just my ama­teur­ish opin­ion. Thanks for the info, though!
     — Chris M.

  • *Hi Chris:* You mean how it shows over 42,000 titles with match­es to “soci­ety of friends”? Yes, that is odd. It looks like the right num­ber is clos­er to 287, which sounds about right.