Official Google Reader Blog: New in Reader: a fresh design, and Google+ sharing


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  • what do you think? i was hop­ing for more, newer fea­tures. and it seems a lit­tle bug­ging. but i’m glad they switched it over.

  • I wrote a mini-essay on the train about what I thought but it didn’t get posted over. Thanks G+ Android app. Short ver­sion: sur­prised they got rid of some of their old shar­ing tools (e.g., fol­low­ing users) but it’s prob­a­bly for the best as they were under-utilized. I think G+ inte­gra­tion is a good idea. When I actu­ally tried Reader last night, though, it was really slow. Maybe it was other things hap­pen­ing on the com­puter.

    I hope it works. There haven’t been many good choices in the RSS reader world as of late. In my new job it’s even more impor­tant. I inherited an email account where 2/3rds of the mes­sages were sub­scrip­tions to email lists. It was a lot of noise. I’ve unsub­scribed and been able to use Reader and RSS to keep on top of those sub­scrip­tions I really want with­out hav­ing them clog up the email inbox.

  • I was wait­ing for this inte­gra­tion. I like fewer options (the “cleaner” look) because I rarely used them. I will develop check it out more just to see how it works (or doesn’t).