Publicizing your blog via Flickr

Inte­grat­ing the Flickr pho­to shar­ing service
with your blog is a won­der­ful way to eas­i­ly add pho­tos to your site.
With a lit­tle extra effort you can get Flickr to work for you.

Flickr in your blog

When you want to embed a Flickr-hosted pho­to­graph into one of your
blog entries, first start by going to the photo’s page in Flickr. Click
on the “All Sizes” but­ton on top (with the mag­ni­fy­ing glass icon), and
then pick the size you want for your blog post – small and medi­um work
well for blog entries.

Under­neath the resized pic­ture is a box with Flickr’s cod­ing (you have
to be look­ing at your own account and be logged in to see this). Simply
cut and paste this into your blog entry and the pic­ture will appear
there. If you want your text to wrap around the pic­ture you’ll want to
add a lit­tle cod­ing to what Flickr gives you. Some­where inside the
“img” text you need to add wrap­ping instruc­tions. An easy place is
between the text that reads:

height=“180” alt=“whatever it says”

…now reads:

height=“180” align=“left” alt=“whatever it says”

Change left to right to have your pho­to align that way.

Your blog in Flickr

Many users don’t real­ize that peo­ple some­times find your Flickr
pho­tos and not your blog. Google index­es Flickr nice­ly and Flickr’s own
search is pop­u­lar. In the descrip­tion of your pho­tos you should add a
link back to your own blog. If you have a blog entry con­cern­ing that
actu­al pic­ture, link direct­ly back to that entry. 

You’ll have to hand-write the HTML link for this (sor­ry, Flickr doesn’t have a link but­ton). It should look some­thing like this:

Descrip­tion of the pho­to. For more read, <a href=“”>What I know about Flickr</a>.

Here’s a screen shot of the edit­ing screen for this Flickr entry:


That post about my trip to a leg­endary South Jer­sey locale is one of
the most vis­it­ed pages on my per­son­al blog. A good bit of it comes from
the links in Flickr!

Remem­ber to put a lot of desired key­words into your Flickr title and
all link text. Key­words are those phras­es that you think peo­ple might
be search­ing for. 

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