Quaker Quote of the Day

I’m exper­i­ment­ing with Quak­er Quote of the Day for the Quak­erQuak­er Twit­ter account. You should be able to read them on Twit­ter here. Extend­ed ver­sions will be on QuakerQuaker’s new QOTD blog.It’s hard to pack a good quote into only 140 char­ac­ters so there will be some short­en­ing, but the full piece should give it a bit more context.

I’ll be most­ly quot­ing his­tor­i­cal Friends but I might throw a liv­ing per­son in there once in awhile. I won’t use a quote book to deliv­er the same adage you’ve heard a mil­lion times before. I’ll also try not to chop it up into a mean­ing that goes against the author’s intention.

  • Liz Opp

    I think the QOTD is a great idea, espe­cial­ly draw­ing on less famil­iar writ­ings. I’m respon­si­ble for gen­er­at­ing a “quote and query” for the meeting’s month­ly newslet­ter, and I don’t always take the time I should to seek out source mate­r­i­al, “less­er” Quak­ers, etc. This QQ fea­ture will help me in that par­tic­u­lar task.

    Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

    • Great Liz, well def­i­nite­ly feel free to re-use any that jump out at you. We
      should prob­a­bly start a sug­ges­tion line some­where for future ones too.