Umm, so Google, I hit your +1 button and it doesn’t post to Google+ (it’s…

Umm, so Google, I hit your +1 but­ton and it doesn’t post to Google+ (it’s a opt-in tab on pro­files, but who’s going to see that). You real­ly should think through these names. Just saying.

Google+: View post on Google+

  • I know. what’s the point? if it’s not going to show up in the feed, i’m not going to go look­ing for it?

  • Sure, most of my social­ness around social media is just say­ing “hey this is a good arti­cle, maybe oth­ers will like it.” If no one sees the +1, then it’s just busy work. It doesn’t even go into book­marks (why don’t they inte­grate this with book­marks or rethink the whole book­mark idea?). I guess what they want you to do is the sec­ond step of “Share on Google+”

  • Are you refer­ring to when you’re on anoth­er site and you see the +1 but­ton? In the past I noticed on oth­er sites when you chose +1 it didn’t give you the auto­mat­ic option to post it on your feed. But, I now see that a mes­sage box opens up and then you can post on your Google+ feed.

  • Joe — I hadn’t noticed that. What sites are you see­ing that on?

  • I noticed this first on MSNBC. I click on the +1 and then a small text box opens up that allows you to share the item or not. I think it gets list­ed under your +1 list on Google+. But, you do have to do the 2nd step to then post it on your feed. Maybe that’s what Mar­tin was orig­i­nal­ly refer­ring to.
    Try it on this MSNBC page (I just did & it did it for me):
    I’ve also seen it on Gawk­er and some Ital­ian news sites, but not every­where (I don’t see the 1+ but­ton on any of the news items I’ve read there.

  • I was refer­ring most­ly to the new Chrome exten­sion. You can click the but­ton to vote for a page (I guess that’s what we’re doing) but that isn’t shared any­where very promi­nent­ly – it’s most­ly for Google’s ben­e­fit, or should be, in tweak­ing search results. Once you’ve done it, the Chrome exten­sion has a box to write some­thing to share.

  • OK. Got it. I rarely use Chrome.