Site update

Warn­ing: Geek to fol­low: Thanks to read­ers for their patience these past few days as I’ve trans­ferred Quak­er­Ran­ter to a new web host. My old account had mul­ti­ple sites on the same serv­er, includ­ing Quak​erQuak​er​.org and Mar​tinKel​ley​.com and every time there was a prob­lem on QR it would take every­thing down. After prob­a­bly a year of trou­bleshoot­ing and nev­er quite fix­ing the prob­lem QR is off on its own (on Blue​host​.com, I want­ed to see what CPan­el was like).

I’m also rebuild­ing the site to be more com­pli­ant with the new Mov­able Type tem­plate struc­ture, which moti­vates this new look. I still like the old min­i­mal­ist design ripped off of Kot­tke and might bring it back or might exper­i­ment with some­thing else that fits the new stream-of-life direc­tion the blog has been tak­en with its Twit­ter integration. 

I can’t real­ly blog about the most inter­est­ing finan­cial devel­op­ment of the day, which has to do with the end of a cer­tain wit­ness of fif­teen years but if any F/friends want to know feel free to drop me an email.

Off now to see if the town Hal­loween parade has been washed out by rain again (today is the rain date and it’s pret­ty sog­gy if not active­ly rain­ing). Expect pic­tures of cute boys in match­ing but­ter­fly outfits…