Add Quaker Blog Watch to your site

A few months ago I start­ed keep­ing a links blog that evolved into the “Quak­er Blog Watch” (for­mal­ly at home at “non​vi​o​lence​.org/​q​u​a​ker” though includ­ed as a col­umn else­where). This is my answer to the “aggre­ga­tion ques­tion” that a few of us were toss­ing around in Sixth Month. I’ve nev­er believed in an uberBlog that would to supercede all of our indi­vid­ual ones and act as gate-keeper to “prop­er” Quak­erism. For all my Quak­er Con­ser­v­a­tivism I’m still a Hick­site and we’re into a cer­tain live-and-let live cre­ative dis­or­der in our reli­gious life.

I also don’t like tech­ni­cal solu­tions. It helps to have a human doing this. And it helps (I think) if they have some opin­ions. When I began my list of anno­tat­ed Quak­er links I called it my “Sub­jec­tive Guide” and these links are also some­what sub­jec­tive. I don’t include every post on Quak­erism: only the ones that make me think or that chal­lenge me in some way. Medi­oc­rity, good inten­tions and a famous last name mean less to me than sim­ple faith­ful­ness to one’s call.

There’s no way to keep stats but it looks like the links are being used (hours after I stum­ble across a previously-unknown site I see com­ments from reg­u­lar Quak­er Ranter read­ers!). Here’s the next step: instruc­tions on adding the “last sev­en entries of the Quak­er blog watch to your site.” I imag­ine some of you might want to try it out on your side­bar. If so, let me know how it works: I’m open to tweak­ing it. And do remem­ber I’ll be dis­ap­pear­ing for a few days “some­time soon” (still wait­ing, that kid can’t stay in there too long.)

  • Mar­tin,
    It worked! Thanks!

  • I tried it with my the present Blog­ger style tem­plate (a tem­plate made by some­one else to work with Blog­ger) and it worked fine. How­ev­er, the type is much larg­er than what is in the tem­plate and I could not find in the code where I might be able to reduce the font size. Oth­er than that, it seems OK.
    Thanks for all of your hard work, Martin!

  • Umm, I com­ment­ed too soon. Once I actu­al­ly repub­lished the tem­plate with the new code it looks fine even if it’s not exact­ly the same font. The size is OK, too. Ignore my pre­vi­ous comment.

  • I don’t know. I might put it on if there was only the one line and peo­ple could click if they want­ed to see more. I think I could do that now, right? Just have a link to Quak­er Blog Watch (non​vi​o​lence​.org/​q​u​a​ker)? I think I’ve seen this on Brook­lyn Quaker.
    I also don’t know if I would want the com­men­tary — ahem — for exam­ple my own lov­ing­ly craft­ed post fol­lowed by “oh brother!”
    I mean, I get it, and I REALLY appre­ci­at­ed your com­ments on my site, I think it’s bet­ter if they’re not all pat­ting each oth­er on the back, but I’m not sure I’d want it there on my blog, with­out fur­ther fram­ing, as in, “this is Martin’s opin­ion, not nec­es­sar­i­ly mine”.

  • Hi Robin,
    I did say that “oh broth­er,” hmm? If you think a non-commentary approach would be worth­while, I can eas­i­ly rig up some­thing that is just the descrip­tion with­out com­men­tary. You could choose which one to add to the blog.
    About the one line: you can _always_ just add a link, grin!

  • So I did it. I just made a one line link to “Martin’s Quak­er Blog Watch.”
    Thanks for the sug­ges­tions. I am still so unsure of my html abil­i­ties that even mak­ing a one line link seems like a major accom­plish­ment to me.