I too can buy kid clothes!

!>http://aycu07.webshots.com/image/16606/2001600235028037539_rs.jpg! A possible addition to my page of "odd search phrases":http://www.quakerranter.org/its_light_that_makes_me_uncomfortable_and_other_googlisms.php that bring people to my site is this one from early this afternoon:
"Why Men Shouldn't be Allowed to Buy Clothes for Children":http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Why%20Men%20Shouldn%27t%20be%20Allowed%20to%20Buy%20Clothes%20for%20Children&btnG=Search
There's QuakerRanter.org at number eleven. Oh the shame of it! I'm going to run to W*LM*RT right now, well I would if only I kind of knew the kid's sizes, ummm... I could call Julie at work and ask her I guess...

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