I’d Give the Moon If It Were Mine to Give

I’ve always promised that I wouldn’t let this blog get so seri­ous that I couldn’t share the ephemera of life. In that vein, here’s a cau­tion for any would-be urban plain-dress hip­ster: it’s real­ly hard to keep to the prop­er side­walk demeanor when your MP3 play­er queues up the Yardbird’s “For Your Love.”
Espe­cial­ly when the bon­gos kick in.
This I know experientially.

  • This reminds me: I need to do anoth­er music/iTunes themed post in the near future! :))

  • You’re a com­pli­cat­ed dude, Mar­tin. A bun­dle of inter­est­ing con­tra­dic­tions. I got­ta meet you sometime.

  • Robin Mohr

    Thanks to you, I noticed for the first time the Yard­birds’ Great­est Hits care­ful­ly stored on a home-taped cas­sette in my husband’s col­lec­tion. Three year old son and I rocked out this morn­ing. You got to move when the Spir­it says move.

  • Hi James: what, you got some­thin’ about the Yard­birds? Or just bongos?
    Robin: I’d rec­om­mend pair­ing it with Morrisey’s “Every Day is Like Sun­day,” which can be read as the sto­ry of an inbred soci­ety blow­ing itself up into a post-armageddon of eternally-empty Sun­days. Not that I know any Soci­ety in dan­ger of trav­el­ing down that road, mind you.

  • Hi James: what, you got some­thin’ about the Yard­birds? Or just bongos?
    It’s a great song. But no, my com­ment is based on a num­ber of things I’ve read here, not the least of which is your very Quak­er­ly expres­sion of a lead­ing to shake yer ass.

  • And anoth­er advan­tage of the whole tag sys­tem is that one can be led back to an old sig­nif­i­cant post.
    Rock­ing out with now four and eight year olds,