On job hunting and the blogging future in Metro Philadelphia

I’ve been qui­et on the blogs late­ly, focus­ing on job search­es rather than rant­i­ng. I thought I’d take a lit­tle time off to talk about my lit­tle cor­ner of the career mar­ket. I’ve been apply­ing for a lot of web design and edit­ing jobs but the most inter­est­ing ones have com­bined these togeth­er in cre­ative ways. My qual­i­fi­ca­tions for these jobs are more the inde­pen­dent sites I’ve put togeth­er — notably Quak​erQuak​er​.org—than my paid work for Friends.

For exam­ple: one inter­est­ing job gets repost­ed every few weeks on Craigslist. It’s geared toward adding next-generation inter­ac­tive con­tent to the web­site of a con­sor­tium of sub­ur­ban news­pa­pers (appli­cants are asked to be “com­fort­able with terms like blog, vlog, CSS, YourHub, MySpace, YouTube…,” etc.). The qual­i­fi­ca­tions and vision are right up my alley but I’m still wait­ing to hear any­thing about the appli­ca­tion I sent by email and snail mail a week ago. Despite this, they’re con­tin­u­ing to post revised descrip­tions to Craigslist. Yesterday’s ver­sion dropped the “con­ver­gence” lin­go and also dropped the pro­ject­ed salary by about ten grand.

About two months ago I actu­al­ly got through to an inter­view for a fab­u­lous job that con­sist­ed of putting togeth­er a blog­ging com­mu­ni­ty site to fea­ture the lesser-known and quirky busi­ness­es of Philadel­phia. I had a great inter­view, thought I had a good chance at the job and then heard noth­ing. Days turned to weeks as my follow-up com­mu­ni­ca­tions went unan­swered. 11/30 Update: a friend just guessed the group I was talk­ing about and emailed that the site did launch, just qui­et­ly. It looks good.

Cor­po­rate blog­ging is said to be the wave of the future and in only a few years polit­i­cal cam­paigns have come to con­sid­er blog­gers as an essen­tial tool in get­ting their mes­sage out. User-generated con­tent has become essen­tial feed­back and pub­lic­i­ty mech­a­nisms. My expe­ri­ence from the Quak­er world is that blog­gers are con­sti­tut­ing a new kind of lead­er­ship, one that’s both more out­go­ing but also thought­ful and vision­ary (I should post about this some­time soon). Blogs encour­age open­ness and trans­paren­cy and will sure­ly affect orga­ni­za­tion­al pol­i­tics more and more in the near future. Smart com­pa­nies and non­prof­its that want to grow in size and influ­ence will have to learn to play well with blogs.

But the future is lit­tle suc­cor to the present. In the Philadel­phia met­ro­pol­i­tan area it seems that the rare employ­er that’s think­ing in these terms have have a lot of back and forths try­ing to work out the job descrip­tion. Well, I only need one enlight­ened employ­er! It’s time now to put the boys to bed, then check the job boards again. Keep us in your prayers.

  • Aman­da

    I’m glad to hear a few peeps from you. You guys have been deeply in my thoughts and prayers. I know from both my father’s expe­ri­ence and my own how drain­ing the job hunt can be. It is good to hear you sound­ing strong.
    Regard­ing job-searches, would you con­sid­er relocation?
    Love to the four of you,

  • Craig

    Lest you think we have for­got­ten about you, I want­ed to leave you a com­ment. Mar­tin, you and Julie are in our prayers. May you find God’s best for your life.
    Much love,
    Craig (& Steve)

  • Hi Mar­tin, Maybe you should con­sid­er becom­ing a cage dancer or some­thing, you know change it up a bit. Plus I think it would make for some inter­est­ing blog posts…but seri­ous­ly hang in there we’re are pray­ing for you and your family.

  • Hey, Mar­tin.
    The job search sounds frus­trat­ing! .…Thanks for let­ting us know what’s been going on; I had been won­der­ing if your cyber-silence was because of the job hunt or because of new employ­ment. I wish it had been the lat­ter, just so that the hunt could be behind you.
    Still, I have a strong sus­pi­cion that you will end up “right side up.”
    Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

  • Mar­tin,
    I’m new to all of this, can’t get enough of the Quak­er blo­gos­phere. I hope your job-searching goes well/is going well, good luck with it. I’ll think a lit­tle some­thing for you tomor­row at meeting.

  • We miss you.

  • I hope you are offer­ing more than your tech­ni­cal skills to the mar­ket. For exam­ple, your vital role in help­ing the Quak­er blog­ger world coa­lesce shows an abil­i­ty to help orga­nize a com­mu­ni­ty. You also have a good abil­i­ty to vision and look fur­ther ahead than most peo­ple. And so on. Web design­ers are a dime a dozen. Lead­ers and orga­niz­ers who can also design web sites are price­less. Good luck and keep your stan­dards high.

  • Your Nov. 29th post has a bro­ken link to quak​erquak​er​.org — it comes out as some­thing like quakerquaker.org-than.
    Here’s to Chris­tians who are some­thing like Jesus.

  • Good posts for this blog diary. Thanks for telling your dai­ly rou­tine and work you have updat­ed yours Peter/a>